Diabetes Summer Camps

Published on in Diabetes News

“Wow, do all of these kids have diabetes, just like me?” It's a common question you'll hear from children and teens coming to diabetes camp for the first time.

Diabetes camp is a great opportunity for kids with diabetes to make life-long friends, enjoy a week of adventurous fun, and learn life skills in diabetes care — all under the supervision of trained staff and medical professionals. There are many firsts that hapen at camp; some campers give their first injection, or insert their first pump inset, while others learn about continuous glucose monitoring.

But camp is much more than just diabetes. It's a chance for children and teens to swim, zipline, ride horses and dance; do arts and crafts and yoga; play volleyball, soccer or kickball; go hiking and tubing; eat s’mores and sit by a campfire, all while surrounded by kids just like them. One team even described camp as, "the only week of the year where I feel normal!”

There are several camps in the tri-state area. If finances are a challenge, apply for a scholarship. But do so early! Spaces fill quickly.

Check out these diabetes camps in the region:


New Jersey

  • Camp Nejeda, Stillwater Township, NJ offers multiple camping sessions for children, teens and families.