Dr. Saba Kahn discusses the Healthy Weight Program Food Pharmacy on The Doctors

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One in five people in Philadelphia experiences food insecurity. That means they don’t consistently have access to enough food to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Without a healthy diet, a child’s overall health and development is at risk. At the Healthy Weight Program, a cornerstone of care is highlighting the importance of good, nutritious food for all health outcomes. However, medical care accounts for only about 20% of the factors that have an impact on a child’s overall health. That means that up to 80% of a child’s health is linked to behaviors (like exercise, diet and smoking), socioeconomic factors (income and education) and environmental factors (housing and community safety). Collectively, these nonmedical factors are called the social determinants of health. Learn more about our Healthier Together Program.

Check out the feature about our Healthy Weight Program Food Pharmacy on The Doctors.


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