Dr. Tami Benton Discusses Rising Depression, Suicide Rates with Soledad O’Brien

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The past decade has brought about an increase in the number of children with anxiety and depression, and we are now seeing higher rates of suicide in children, teens, and young adults. Tami D. Benton, MD, Psychiatrist-in-Chief of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences spoke with Soledad O’Brien about the disturbing trend on her show, “Matter of Fact.”

“There are so many preventive things we can do around anxiety management,” said Dr. Benton. “Teaching our kids to meditate or relax, or to play, or to identify feelings of anxiety and find ways to distract themselves, focus, and relax.”

Dr. Benton went on to say that if you’re concerned, talk to your child’s primary care provider and discuss how you can help your child manage their anxiety.

Watch the full interview here.