Feature Article: Team up with Vaccine Heroes to Beat the Germs!

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Vax Pack Hero Screenshot from Vax Pack Hero game play You are shrunken down and inside the body of a sick patient. You must race against the clock to fend off the germs before it is too late. But don’t worry, Vax Pack Heroes are here to help! Choose the right Vaccine Hero to help you beat the Germs and return your patient to health!

Sound fun? This is the premise behind the VEC’s latest program — Vax Pack Hero. In the Web-based game portion of the product, players explore different parts of the body and encounter any one of 21 vaccine-preventable diseases. Vax Pack Hero Screenshot from Vax Pack Hero game play To defeat germs, players choose the Vaccine Heroes most effective against that particular disease. Each hero has a range of effectiveness against different diseases based on their real-life accomplishments and expertise. The heroes come from many backgrounds. Not only are there doctors and scientists who have developed vaccines, but also engineers, authors, politicians, philanthropists, diplomats, a milkmaid, and even two small children.

Once players defeat enough germs, they can challenge the “Boss Germ,” whose defeat ensures the patient returns to health. And, after making 10 patients healthy, they can claim a free prize [See Ask the VEC]. Players can personalize their characters by choosing hair color and style, hats, jackets and clothes.

Vax Pack Hero Vax Pack Hero Trading Cards Players begin with eight heroes in their digital card library, but earn more during game play by correctly answering multiple-choice trivia questions. The trivia questions appear as a question mark (?) roaming around the patient’s body during game play. Earned cards are saved in the player’s digital card library.

In addition to the game, the program includes physical trading cards of the different Vaccine Heroes. The cards are modeled after sports and Pokémon™ trading cards and feature basic biographical information on each hero or team of heroes as well as a brief summary of their achievements and a fun fact. Each card also has a unique code, so that it can be added to a player’s digital card library allowing the player to use that hero’s powers during game play.

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