FOX News Story Features Twin-twin Transfusion (TTTS) Family

Diagnosed with TTTS before birth, Darren and Eoin are now healthy, active kids

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darren and eoin Sarah and Eugene Gillespie were shocked and excited when they first learned they were having twins. But at her 16-week ultrasound, Sarah knew something wasn’t right.

The twins were diagnosed with twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), a condition where there is unequal blood flow between identical twins that share a placenta. The smaller “donor” twin pumps blood to the larger “recipient” twin.

Sarah’s maternal-fetal medicine specialist sent her to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she underwent fetal surgery. Using a laser, doctors sealed off the shared blood vessels between the twins.

Today, twins Darren and Eoin are healthy and filled with energy.

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