After Kimberly Touch Rinaldi’s third daughter, Giulianna Rose, was born with Down syndrome, she thought, “There should be a Down syndrome awareness piece of jewelry, and wouldn’t it be great for Steven Lagos to co-design it.”

So, she got in touch with renowned jewelry designer Lagos and shared her design. They collaborated to design Giulianna’s Heart. The design of a heart originated out of Kimberly’s love for Giulianna and her awareness that 40 to 60 percent of babies born with Down syndrome have heart issues — some mild, some severe.

The heart represents love, the love of and for your child, and the loving nature of people with Down syndrome. The open areas in the heart represent open heart surgery, the openness of the heart to love and where true beauty, inner beauty, lives. The abstracted H shape in the heart represents heart, hope and the chambers of the heart (abstracted).

The element of the seven groups of three circle/oval shapes represents trisomy 21, the clinical term for Down syndrome. The three rose buds represent new birth, new life and trisomy. Additionally, roses are a symbol of love, the love of a child and the loving nature of people with Down syndrome.

The diamond shape represents light and enlightenment, and the enlightening nature of people with Down syndrome.

Rinaldi has generously offered to donate a share of the profits from the sale of Giulianna’s Heart jewelry to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Trisomy 21 Program.

For more information, visit Please mention you would like your purchase to recognize the CHOP Trisomy 21 Program.