Mother and Teen Share Story About Pediatric Migraines

Published on in CHOP in the Media

February 9, 2014 — The prevalence of migraine headaches increases around the time of puberty, says Christina Szperka, MD, a neurologist at CHOP. While the reason why remains a mystery, CHOP doctors are exploring all treatment methods — including Botox — to ease painful symptoms.

In “Mother and Teen Share Story About Pediatric Migraines,” posted Feb. 9, 2104, on, 17-year-old Sydney Kessel and her mom, Shirley, describe their migraine pain and how it impacts their daily lives.

Because migraine pain is so individualized, treatments that work for some people, do not work for all. And almost all medicines were approved for adult use — making treating children even more challenging.

In Sydney’s case, doctors have tried diet changes, relaxation therapies, medicine and even Botox to control her migraine pain. But Sydney and her mom aren’t giving up: they are working on a fundraiser for migraine research.

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