New Resource for Parents: Talking to Youth about Sexuality

Parents Are Talking is a new digital resource designed to help parents and caregivers talk to young people about puberty, healthy relationships, and other sexual health issues. It includes information about health topics, advice for communicating with tweens and teens, interactive forums where users can ask questions of experts and other parents, and more. 

New Podcast Episode: The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This episode explores the origins, health benefits, and uses of the anti-inflammatory diet with Maria Mascarenhas, MBBS. She discusses the data-based origins of the diet; foods to focus on, including a sample menu for kids; and how the diet can help improve outcomes and health, especially for patients with chronic conditions attributed to inflammation.

Clinical Guidelines: Suspected Pelvic Fracture

A new emergency department pathway for the evaluation and treatment of a child with a suspected pelvic fracture outlines assessment of hemodynamic stability, imaging studies, possible consults, acute and long-term complications, and related resources and considerations. 

New Pediatric Psychologist Joins Urology Team

Pediatric psychologist Christina Rouse, PsyD, will work directly with the medical team in the Division of Urology to help children and adolescents improve daily functioning in context of diagnoses such as voiding dysfunction, surgical reconstruction, spina bifida, and differences of sex development. She is now seeing patients at Main Campus and will extend her practice to Princeton and Voorhees in the fall.

Waterproof Cast Liners Now Available

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia now offers patients and families the option of choosing a waterproof cast liner as an alternative to the traditional cotton cast liner. Waterproof liners are available for all cast types (other than post-op cases) and at all CHOP casting locations.

For Your Patients: Torticollis Physical Therapy Group

The “Midliners Group” is a weekly physical therapy group for infants 3 – 8 months of age with congenital muscular torticollis. This seven-week program starts May 16 or 17 with an individualized PT evaluation, followed by weekly group therapy sessions and an individual re-evaluation on June 27 or 28. Caregivers will learn how to perform exercise to improve their child’s neck range of motion, head control and motor development in a supportive setting.

Heart Matters: Assessment and Management of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Kids

A Symposium on Hypertension, Lipid Abnormalities, and Obesity
On Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, members from CHOP’s Divisions of Cardiology, Nephrology, and Endocrinology invite you to learn more about the assessment and management of cardiovascular risk factors in children. The symposium will include presentations on hypertension guidelines, obesity in children and adolescents, hyperlipidemia in children and adolescents, and more. The event will be held at the Roberts Center for Pediatric Research. Stay tuned for more information.


Call Our Clinician Priority Phone Line

Have you tried our full-service Clinician Priority Phone Line yet? Call 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467) and press 2 to be connected to the on-call physician or nurse practitioner in the CHOP program you specify. Patient families can also use this line and press 1 for assistance. Find other easy ways to get in touch.

Referring patients in Link2CHOP Physician Portal

Link2CHOP is a real-time, web-based portal that gives you easy access to your patients’ CHOP medical records and makes the referral process smooth and streamlined. Log in to expedite appointments and see materials scanned to the chart. If you’re not already using the system, make sure you sign up and get started!

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