Expanded Speech-Language Pathology Services in NJ

Outpatient appointments with the Department of Speech-Language Pathology are now available at CHOP Specialty Care Center, Princeton at Plainsboro. In addition to speech and language evaluation and treatment, new services include voice evaluations and voice therapy for patients diagnosed with a voice disorder by an otolaryngologist, as well as evaluations and therapy for children with hearing loss. Contact Speech-Language Pathology »

New Video: Treatment for Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia gravis (known as juvenile myasthenia gravis, or JMG, in children and adolescents) is a rare autoimmune disorder that causes symptoms such as a drooping eyelid and muscle weakness. In this new video, hear from families who've faced JMG and learn how the disorder is treated by an experienced team at CHOP. Learn about JMG »

For Your Patients: Managing Cystic Fibrosis Care at Home

In this series of videos, cystic fibrosis patients from CHOP show how to properly perform some common CF therapies at home. Topics include using a therapy vest, huff coughing, using a puffer, doing acapella treatment, taking enzymes, swallowing pills, checking blood sugars and doing chest PT. Watch the videos »

Clinical Guidelines

Medical Evaluation of Child Entering Foster Care

Our pathway for the medical evaluation of a child entering foster care starts with the initial visit with the end goal of establishing ongoing care with a medical home. The pathway includes details about trauma-informed care, immunizations, recommended labs and screening tools, and a variety of related resources for providers and families. Read more »

Thyroid Exam Demonstration Video

In the latest from our exam demonstration video series, Andrew Bauer, MD, demonstrates how to perform a pediatric thyroid exam on a healthy child, and what to look for during exams on children with abnormal thyroids. Watch thyroid exam demonstration »

Topics in Bone Health: Stronger Bones for Growing Kids

Join us on Friday, May 13, in Philadelphia for a conference presented by the Center for Bone Health. The program aims to provide a necessary understanding of the impact of chronic illnesses on bone health and familiarize providers with therapeutic options, including nutritional interventions, physical therapy and pharmacological protocols.

Spring CHOP Talks CME Lecture Series in Your Community

Join us this spring for a variety of CME programs presented throughout the CHOP Care Network. The CHOP Talks CME lecture series is designed to be an interactive, collaborative, case discussion-based forum where pediatric subspecialists from CHOP can share specific expertise and experience with pediatricians, primary care physicians and advanced practice nurses. Upcoming sessions include:

  • Thyroid Nodules in Children and Adolescents: What to Look for, When to Monitor and When to Remove (April 5 in Voorhees, NJ)
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (April 13 in Chalfont, PA)
  • Pediatric Pearls for Primary Care, including atopic dermatitis, hernias and hydroceles (May 11 in Glen Mills, PA)
  • Hot Topics in Pediatric Neurology (May 14 in Plainsboro, NJ) *Pending CME approval
  • Insight into Pediatric Plastic Surgery (May 17 in King of Prussia, PA) *Pending CME approval

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Referring Patients in Link2CHOP Physician Portal

Link2CHOP is a real-time, Web-based portal that gives you easy access to your patients’ CHOP medical records and makes the referral process smooth and streamlined. Log in to expedite appointments and see materials scanned to the chart. If you’re not already using the system, make sure you sign up and get started!

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