Pediatric Stroke Research Updates: Winter 2016

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Stroke Notes

We would like to thank all of our patients and families for your ongoing participation in our research activities. Thanks to you, we are making great progress in finding answers to these questions:

  • What causes a child to have a stroke?
  • What are the lasting effects of stroke in children?
  • How can we help children recover and function well after having a stroke?

The progress in our research can be seen in the rapid growth of research publications coming from the network of research scientists we work with. Visit our research page for examples of recent publications and abstract presentations on childhood stroke involving patients and physicians from CHOP’s Pediatric Stroke Program.

Our work doesn’t stop there! An important part of advancing care for children who’ve suffered a stroke involves training the next generation of pediatric stroke specialists — both research and clinical. We provide mentoring and education to promising young people training in child neurology and neuropsychology, offering guidance on how to become researchers in the field of pediatric stroke. We are confident that these individuals will make lasting contributions to advances in pediatric stroke research, now and in the future.