Penn-CHOP Research Featured on CBS 3

Published on in CHOP News

What do art observation and medical training have in common? According to new research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia — a lot.

The routine, dubbed “Think. Puzzle. Explore.” challenges medical students to look closely at pieces of art, forcing them to use observational skills to make evidence-based interpretations that can also be applied in the clinical setting. Taking place at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, medical students examine columns, describe them and come up with some theories about their history. It’s called “artful thinking.”

Published in the journal Ophthalmology, the study reported that the team of students that took the art class saw “significant improvement in observational skills” when describing photos of retinal and facial diseases.

Watch as CBS 3 reports the story of how art is changing the way future doctors see.


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