Philly Inquirer Highlights CHOP’s Mitochondrial Studies

Published on in CHOP in the Media

Seated in front, from left: Janice Belcher, patient Juliet Belcher and Dr. Marni Falk. Directly behind Dr. Falk is Juliet’s father, Mike Belcher, flanked by members of Dr. Falk’s mitochondrial research lab at CHOP 

August 18, 2013 — Mitochondria may the most important parts of your body that you may not have heard of. They’re tiny structures inside every cell that produce our energy. If something disrupts mitochondria, multiple health problems can occur.

Focusing on Juliet Belcher, an 8-year-old CHOP patient with a rare mitochondrial disease, the Philadelphia Inquirer highlights how Marni Falk, MD, and other CHOP researchers have identified a central signaling network that acts a “fuse box” in these energy disorders. Investigating this biological network may lead to effective therapies for these very diverse, difficult-to-treat diseases.

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