PSA Encourages Teens to 'Park' Cell Phones and Drive

Published on in CHOP News

October 5, 2010 — Just in time for National Teen Driver Safety Week (Oct. 17-23), The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and State Farm Insurance Companies® used research with teens to develop a new public service announcement (PSA) that gives teens a way to "park" their cell phones before they drive.  The 30-second video, "Park the phone. Drive." is based on a key reason teens cite for not talking or texting while driving — the need to focus on driving.

Positive messages most effective with teen drivers

No scare tactics were used in the content of the PSA. Instead, the video provides teens with a positive, proactive way to avoid cell phone use while driving. A simple text message, "NNID (Not Now. I'm Driving.)" gets the message across while also setting an example for friends. This approach is based on evidence showing that positive messaging is more effective in creating long-term change than presenting horrific or graphic images of car crashes.

PSA available for schools and organizations to use

Schools and organizations interested in using the PSA can contact the Young Driver Research Initiative team at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for instructions on how to personalize the PSA with their logo.

More information

View the PSA.