Release of Medical Information for Patients 18 and Older

Published on in Beyond Blood

Patients 18 years and older When a patient turns 18 years old, by law, he or she is considered an adult. Therefore, medical information that was previously provided to the patient’s parents or guardian can only continue to be provided with the patient’s permission. In most cases, patients still want their parent or guardian to be involved with their medical care.

In this situation, the patient signs a one-page form, known as a Release of Information, granting permission for the HTC to provide medical information to the parents or guardian. There are certain scenarios where patients prefer that their parent or guardian no longer receive medical information from the HTC. This is a personal decision made by the patient and one that is respected by the members of the HTC.

At any time, patients are able to change their minds and sign a new Release of Information, which will be kept in their chart.

Note: The signed releases are only valid for one year, so patients will be asked annually to sign a new release.

Contributed by: Melina Martin, MSW, LCSW