Spotlight: Learn More about Vaccine Heroes and Germs

Published on in Parents PACK

Pertussis (whooping cough) germIn addition to playing the game, gives users the opportunity to learn more about the Vaccine Heroes and their contributions to public health. Each hero or team of heroes has a dedicated page that features additional content beyond what is found on the physical trading cards including when the heroes’ important contributions or discoveries were made.

The website also allows users to “meet the germs.” Visitors can find out what part of the human body the germ infects, where that germ is found during game play and which heroes are effective against that germ. Germ pages also have links to related content from the VEC.

This portion of the Vax Pack Hero program offers the opportunity to build on the foundational knowledge learned in the game, and get to know the heroes — and the germs — a little better.

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