Spotlight: Vaccinate Your Family

Published on in Parents PACK

Dr. Franklin used his stature and influence as a politician and statesman to positively influence the 18th century medical community. That fusion of government and public health activism continues today. One example is Every Child by Two. Co-founded by former first lady Rosalynn Carter and former first lady of Arkansas Betty Bumpers in 1991, this organization aims to reduce the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in families and individuals by raising awareness of the safety and availability of vaccines. 

In honor of its 25th anniversary, ECBT has launched a new initiative — Vaccinate Your Family. Through Vaccinate Your Family, ECBT shares scientifically accurate information about vaccines, the diseases they prevent and their safety for all ages. Prior to Vaccinate Your Family, the organization was responsible for the successful Vaccinate Your Baby campaign.

Franklin, Carter and Bumpers are all examples of politically involved, civic-minded individuals who made a difference. Their influence continues to be important today and serve as a reminder of the positives produced when those in power marshal their resources for the greater good.

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