Sticking Closely to Child Seat Safety Guidelines Is Subject of CHOP Study

Published on in CHOP Family News

A study from CHOP’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention shows a higher percentage of children in crashes were not properly restrained in a car seat when their father was driving compared to when their mother was driving.

Thirty-five percent of children under 9 years old who were involved in car crashes were not properly restrained in a car seat when their father was driving, compared to 26 percent when their mother was driving, according to a study from CHOP’s Center for Injury Research and Prevention.

Even though recommendations call for children under 13 to sit restrained in the back seat, the study showed children under age 13 were also more likely to be seated in the front seat with their fathers (24 percent) versus their mothers (14 percent). However, despite the dads’ behavior, there was no difference in crash-related injury risk for children between father and mother drivers.

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