Teaching Your Child to Swallow Pills

Published on in CHOP News

It’s not fun to be sick, and it's even less fun to swallow pills — especially for kids. Swallowing pills doesn’t come naturally, and children need to learn how to comfortably swallow pills.

Katherine K. Dahlsgaard, PhD, Lead Psychologist of the Anxiety Behaviors Clinic at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, authored a guest blog post for the Philly.com Healthy Kids blog with strategies to help children successfully swallow pills.

It’s true that some medications come in a chewable or liquid form, but the vast majority comes in pills. Sooner or later your child will need to swallow a pill. It’s best to train them and help them practice to make the experience less stressful. Dr. Dahlsgaard provides tips and resources to help you do just that.

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