Unending Quest to Improve Patient and Family Experience

Published on in CHOP Family News

You very well may have noticed it already. We want to hear from you — we REALLY want to hear from you — about your most recent appointment or inpatient stay at Children’s Hospital.

We know the only way we can make your family’s experience better is when you give us feedback on what went well, and also on what didn’t go so well. That is our motivation behind a couple of changes we’ve made.

New survey provider

The biggest change is the move to a new satisfaction survey company. Beginning July 1, we began to send you surveys from Press Ganey. The switch has several advantages:

  • We can now send surveys by email, as well as snail mail, so our reach is greater. (Another good reason to provide your email at check-in.) The more parents and caregivers who give us their input, the more we can identify areas to improve.
  • There are spaces throughout the survey where you can add comments. So if one thing at check-in didn’t meet your expectations, you can provide the details at the appropriate place. Same goes if someone did something special to make your experience the best ever.
  • For CHOP, we now can see results quicker, with more details on trends and specifics. All providers receive information on their scores (but not identifying which families gave feedback) so they know their strengths and weaknesses, from parents’ and patients’ points of view.

Your voice (still) matters

We also made it quicker and easier for you to give us instant feedback via the Your Voice Matters web link. We appreciate knowing as soon as possible if there was a problem, so we can begin to fix it. And we always love hearing when CHOP people have gone above and beyond.

You can go to chop.edu/yourvoicematters, and then fill out the feedback form. We streamlined it and shortened the drop-down menus — all in an effort to simplify the process. You are also welcome to call 267-426-6983 to leave a message.

No matter how you give us feedback, if you provided contact information, someone from the Family Relations team will call you to address your needs.

We appreciate hearing from you, and we’re committed to using the information you give us to make your interactions at Children’s Hospital the best they can be.