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Our responsibility to children and families doesn’t end at the front doors of the facilities where we provide care. CHOP offers a breakthrough model of pediatric care that goes beyond medical services to address social factors that impact health — early literacy, safe housing, violence prevention, asthma control, nutrition and more. With your support, we will transform the health and well-being of children here and in developing nations.

In this video, learn more about how CHOP is creating better lives for children in communities that are often overlooked and underserved, in our own backyard and around the globe.

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Your support through this campaign will empower CHOP to help more children and families in more communities — not just locally, but globally.

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With your support, we will raise $50 million to support health advocacy and outreach for children. Although CHOP is best known for clinical breakthroughs, we have focused on community health needs since our founding. These efforts depend directly on the generosity of CHOP supporters.

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Breakthroughs for Children in Need

CHOP’s Reach Out and Read Program gives a new book to every child younger than 5 during each well visit — a key to boosting literacy skills and school readiness.
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Now 20 years old, the program has expanded to 10 CHOP Care Network locations and given away more than 1 million children’s books. In addition to giving away books, Reach Out and Read brings in volunteer readers and teaches parents and caregivers the importance of reading to young children.

“We want these skills to develop before ages 3 to 5, so instead of handing them a phone to play with, we can give them a book,” says Trude Haecker, MD, Medical Director of the program. “Besides giving vaccines, this is the most evidence-based thing I do in the course of my day caring for patients.”

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$35.5M Raised
We are more than 70 percent of the way to our goal of $50 million to support advocacy and outreach at CHOP. Now more than ever, as research highlights the connection between how children live and their health outcomes, we are determined to create new breakthroughs for the children who need us most, here at home and around the world.

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