Clone of Executive Team and Clinical Chairs

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia consistently ranks among the world’s top pediatric hospitals, and our management team and clinical chairs provide the leadership to make this possible.

Executive Team

President and Chief Executive Officer
Madeline Bell

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Douglas G. Hock

Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Jeffrey D. Kahn, Esq.

Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Monica Taylor Lotty

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Thomas J. Todorow

Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer
Bryan Wolf, MD, PhD

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Paula Agosto, RN, MHA

Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Matthew Bayley, MD

Senior Vice President, Facilities, Real Estate, Design & Construction
Douglas E. Carney, AIA, MBA, LEED AP

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Robert Croner

Senior Vice President, Outpatient & Clinical Services
Thomas Dole

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
Peter M. Grollman

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Kisha Hortman Hawthorne

Senior Vice President, Clinical Support Services
Charles S. Hough Jr.

Senior Vice President, CHOP Care Network
Amy J. Lambert

Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
Nicholas P. Procyk

Vice President, Revenue Cycle & Reimbursement Strategy
Edward Bleacher

Vice President, Medical Operations and Chief Safety Officer
Jan P. Boswinkel, MD

Associate Chief Investment Officer
Andrew Deitch

Vice President, Medical Staff Affairs
Patricia DeRusso, MD, MS

Vice President, Finance
Joseph Hediger

Vice President and Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer
Janet Holcombe

Vice President and Chief Quality Officer
Ron Keren, MD, MPH

Vice President, Financial Strategy
Spencer Kowal

Vice President, Supply Chain
Joni Rittler

Vice President and Chief Audit Officer
David Small

Vice President, Office of Technology Transfer, Commercialization & Innovation
Zev Sunleaf

Clinical Chairs

Surgeon-in-Chief and Chair, Surgery
N. Scott Adzick, MD, MMM

Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Chair, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
Tami Benton, MD

Radiologist-in-Chief and Chair, Radiology
Kassa Darge, MD, PhD, DTM&P

Pathologist-in-Chief and Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Robert Doms, MD, PhD

Anesthesiologist-in-Chief and Chair, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Charles Dean Kurth, MD

Physician-in-Chief and Chair, Pediatrics
Joseph W. St. Geme III, MD