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Cardiac patient jumping around The Cardiac Center Child Life team has recently benefitted from the opening of a newly renovated teen space and are looking forward to the opening of the playroom for all ages this winter, which will service the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit, and the Cardiac Preparation and Recovery unit at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Play is the language of children, and these play areas provide a break from medical care. Patients can experience peer interactions and opportunities for self-expression. Various therapeutic groups are held in the playroom. These groups are facilitated by our child life staff, music and art therapists, school teachers and volunteers. We are excited to begin restocking these new areas with play items for all ages, especially as the holiday season approaches.

CHOP’s Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy department is primarily donor-funded, which includes both monetary and tangible donations. We are deeply moved by the generous donations we receive, whether it’s from former patients who chose to share some of their birthday presents, a family celebrating medical milestones by donating knitted hats to the babies in our units, or local students delivering collected items from their classrooms — all for the benefit of our patients and families who are staying at the hospital. It is only through the generosity and support of our CHOP community of donors that we are able to bring fun to the hospital and normalize the hospital environment for patients, siblings and their families.

If you or someone you know is interested in giving back to children and families in the Cardiac Center in this special way, below are some items frequently enjoyed by our patients and in are high demand:

  • Video games (Xbox® One and PlayStation®4, rated E or T only)
  • Handheld Nintendo® game systems and games
  • DVDs (all ratings, regular and Blu-ray)
  • Adult coloring and activity books (e.g. brain teasers, word searches, etc.)
  • LEGO® kits (varying difficulty)
  • Scrapbook supplies
  • Store-bought slime making kits (Borax-free)
  • Crayola® crayons, markers and coloring books
  • Play-Doh® and shape cutters
  • Stickers
  • Prepackaged latex-free craft kits
  • Books (all reading levels)
  • Teen board games
  • Advanced model and craft kits (e.g. model airplanes or cars)
  • Journals and sketchbooks

We are unable to accept the following items:

Please contact the child life team at for any additional questions regarding donations or to schedule a drop off time.

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