Infectious Diseases NIH T32 Basic Science Training Grant

The NIH T32 training grant is a five-year grant designed to support Adult and Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) or Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) interested in basic science training.

About the grant

  • Up to three years of funding for bench research will be provided by the grant.
  • Most fellows entering the program will be at the NIH PGY 4 level, having completed a three-year pediatric residency and the first year of clinical training of the Infectious Disease Fellowship.
  • The training grant targets MD/DO postdoctoral fellows with prior lab experience or MD/PhD postdoctoral fellows.

How to apply

At the time you apply for the Infectious Disease Fellowship, please contact the Fellowship Directors in Infectious Diseases at Penn (Emily Blumberg at or CHOP (Brian Fisher at to express their interest in being considered for a slot on the training grant.

Applicants to either the CHOP or Penn Infectious Disease Fellowship Programs are encouraged to review the list of potential mentors below and indicate to the Fellowship Directors possible mentors that they want to meet on the day of their interview. Additional information about the research interests of the mentors can be found on their bios located on their Department or Divisional websites. Every effort will be made to arrange an interview with at least two potential mentors.

Themes of research

Several themes of investigation are represented by the mentors, including but not limited to:

  • HIV (Bar, Bushman, Collman, Hahn, Hoxie, June, Montaner)
  • Immunology (Chang, Montaner, Wherry)
  • Vaccine development (Friedman, Hoxie)
  • Pathogenesis (Friedman, St. Geme, Weiss)
  • Host-pathogen interactions (Cherry, Kohli and Weitzman)
  • Microbiome research (Bushman, Collman, Grice)

These themes of investigation are highly relevant for trainees interested in infectious diseases, and we have selected outstanding mentors to ensure the success of the training program.

Mentors on the ID Basic Science Training Grant

Next Steps