Length of Stay for Norwood Procedure

The following data represents the median length of stay after the Norwood procedure to repair single ventricle heart defects at CHOP as compared to the STS median. The median is the numerical value separating the higher half of data from the lower half. The length of stay is measured in days.

Norwood Procedure

The first in a series of surgeries for single ventricle heart defects.

CHOP Median
STS Median

The Cardiac Center at CHOP continues to work toward reducing the number of days patients spend in the Hospital following cardiac surgery. Reduced length of stay leads to better long-term outcomes, lower costs and increased patient-family satisfaction.

This report of data considers post-operative length of stay as it pertains to select pediatric and congenital heart surgeries. It provides a comparative report of length of stay as related to benchmark procedures, as defined by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). The STS Congenital Heart Surgery Database contains data from over 100 congenital heart surgery centers in North America. The STS database provides us with a benchmark data value that we can compare ourselves against. The benchmark data, as a statistical median from across all heart surgery centers and across four years of collective data, allows us a precise standard and measure.


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