Endowed Funds

At CHOP, endowed funds provide guaranteed support for crucial initiatives and programs and offer permanent recognition to generous philanthropists.

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Division of Infectious Diseases Academic Enrichment Endowed Fund

ADA Endowment for the Patient Welcome Center Fund

Nathaniel Adamczyk ECMO Social Work Fund

John C. and Emily Adams Services Fund

Addison’s Hope for Fetal Families Endowed Fund

Alavi-Dabiri Research Fellowship Award

Daniel and Douglas Altman Endowed Fund for Art Therapy

American Austrian Foundation Endowed Fund

Connell Anastasi Memorial Fund

The Diane and George Babich Hope for Cardiac Families Endowed Fund

Lester Baker Endowed Research Fund for Young Investigators

Nancy Elizabeth Barnhart Award

Mimi Barrett Brain Tumor Research Fund

Toireasa Margaret Ann Barry Endowment Fund

Elizabeth Bartle Fund for Child Life

Melissa Ketunuti Basselier, MD, Endowed Fund for Pediatric Health in Africa

Bazik Family Endowed Fund for Child Life

Erin Beatty Endowed Fund for Cardiology Research

Teddy Bedrossian Compassionate Care Fund

Teddy Bedrossian Social Work Fund for Nephrology

Alexandra Bilotti Endowed Fund for Ewing’s Sarcoma Research

John Bishop Endowed Fund in Palliative Care

Brendan Borek Endowed Fund

Courtney Braun Nephrology Research Fund

Barbara Brodsky Endowed Fellowship in Developmental Disabilities

Asher Brody Endowed Fund for Palliative Care

Carolyn & Rodman Buggy Endowed Fund for Assisting Patient Families

Lady Callaghan Fund for International Education

Caruso Endowment for Cystic Fibrosis and Other Pulmonary Conditions

Robert J. Cericola Endowed Fund

Chadwick Endowed Fund for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Endowment for the Homeless Health Initiative

Children’s Seashore House Auxiliary of Atlantic County Endowed Fund

Chu Family Foundation Endowed Fund

Bertie and Louis Cohen Endowed Lectureship in Hematology

Stephen A. Cohen Endowed Fund for Hemophilia

Colket Endowed Fund

Ethel D. Colket Lectureship in Nursing

Rita Saligman Cooper Memorial Endowment

Stephen Cooper Endowed Fund for Fibromatosis Research

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and Related Disorders Endowed Fund

Adam Cornfeld Memorial Fund

David Cornfeld Endowed Lectureship

Johnna G. Corson Endowed Fund

E.B. Coxe Child Life Fund

Craig-Dalsimer Division of Adolescent Medicine Endowed Fund

John E. Creveling Pediatric Epilepsy Fellowship Support Fund

Clare Crown Endowed Fund for Rehabilitation Services

Cystic Fibrosis Endowed Fund – Scanlon

Richard and Toby Korman Davidov Music Therapy Endowed Fund

Virginia and John L. Deacon Endowed Fund

Joanne Decker, MD, Memorial Award

Children’s Health Care Associates Diversity Endowment

Mary E. Downs Craniofacial Psychology Program Endowed Fund

Laura Dribin Endowment Fund for Research in Mitochondrial Illness

John Duckett Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Urology

John Duckett Endowed Fund in Pediatric Urology Research

John Duckett Endowed International Visiting Professorship in Urology

John W. Duckett Jr., MD, Memorial Fund

Walter Eberlein, MD, Pediatric Endocrine Research Fund

Children’s Health Care Associates Education Endowment

The Ellis Foreign Fellowship Fund

Children’s Health Care Associates Faculty Development and Recruitment Endowed Fund

Lillian and Reuben Feinberg Endowed Lecture in Pediatric Urology

Reuben Feinberg Endowed Fund

Ian Fellows Education Endowment

Children’s Health Care Associates Fellowship Endowed Fund

Jill and Mark Fishman Endowed Fund for the Center for Lymphatic Imaging and Intervention

Ethel Foerderer Endowed Fund for Excellence

Florence R. Foerderer Orthopaedic Care and Follow-up Program

Benjamin Fox Pediatric Orthopaedic Research Scholarship

Mabel Freeman Endowed Fund in Infectious Disease and Vaccines

Friends of Joe Claffey Endowed Fund

Friends of Trisomy 21 Endowed Fund

Garbose Family Endowed Research Fellowship in Pediatric and Fetal Surgery

Genentech Research Endowment for the Growth Center

GI Fellowship Endowed Fund

Children’s Health Care Associates Global Health Endowed Fund

Anne F. Goepfert Endowed Fund in SIDS Research

Jerome and Maxine Goodman Endowment Fund

Judy Gravel Pediatric Audiology Endowment

Grundy Family Vision for Life Cancer Research Endowment

GSK Hope for Families Fund

The Thomas C. Hanna Endowment Fund

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund for Neonatal Follow-up Program

David Louis Heim Endowed Fund for Liver Disease Research

Sarah & Henrey Herz, Bertha Herz Endowed Neuromuscular Research Fund

Leon and Fannie Florence Holtz Memorial Fund

Patricia & David Holveck Endowed Fund for Mitochondrial Disease

Home Care Endowed Fund

Klaus Hummeler, MD, Endowed Fund for Research

Edith Mitchell Imhoff Fund for Neonatal Care

Diego Jaramillo Radiology Department Research Endowment

Jeffrey Allan Jones Brain Tumor Research Fund

Joshua Kahan Foundation Playroom Fund

Dr. Bernard S. Kaplan Endowed Lectureship in Nephrology

George Karnoutsos Endowed Fund

Thomas P. Keon, MD, Endowed Lectureship in Anesthesiology

Melissa Ketunuti Endowed Fellowship in Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Benjamin Kirschner Cardiovascular Research Fund

Dr. Lillian P. Kravis Medical Education Lectureship

The Adele and Daniel Kubert Endowed Cancer Research Fund

Caroline F. Langstadter Nursing Award Fund

Virginia LaRossa Endowed Fund

Terri Barbara Lashner Memorial Fund

Dr. Harold I. Lecks Lectureship

Debbie Levitan Neurology Research Fund

David Pley Lichtenstein Lab of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition

Lily Bell’s Lullabies Endowed Fund

Erin Michelle Lohr Memorial Fund

Suzi & Scott Lustgarten Endowment for GI Motility Research and Clinical Care

C.W. MacMullen Fund

Joseph P. and Patricia A. Malone Family Endowed Fund for Ophthalmology Education

Ryan Markel Endowed Fund for the Homeless Health Initiative

Kathryn R. McGonagle Child Life – Oncology Endowed Fund

A.R. McKay Cancer Research

Anna T. Meadows, MD and Alfred G. Knudson Jr., MD, PhD Endowed Fund

William Maul Measey Fellowship in Pediatric and Fetal Surgery

Merck Endowed Lectureship Fund

Anna and Samuel Miller Endowed Teaching Fund

Caroline Miller Endowed Fund in Nursing Education

Ken Mizuno Fund

Mary Modisette Endowed Fund for Children and Families

Ellen and Herbert Moelis Endowed Hope for Families Fund

Charlotte Morris Endowment Fund

Morse Family Asthma Endowment

Aaron Morton Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology

Brooke Mulford Endowed Fund for Neuroblastoma Research

John Mullican Endowed Fund for Abused Children

Ann Newman Fund

Dr. Jesse T. Nicholson Endowment

Margaret Mary Nicholson Endowment

The Nickolett Family Fund for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Research

Frank Nigro Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology

North Family Endowed Fund for the Pulmonary Hypoplasia Program

Lauren Nowicki Endowed Fund

Bernice and Herbert Odenheimer Child Life Fund

Elise and Henry Odenheimer Endowed Cancer Research Fund

The Eugene & Margaret Ormandy Endowment for Music Therapy

Dr. Patrick S. Pasquariello Jr. Diagnostic Clinic Fund

Agnes Pellegrino Fund

David N. Pincus Global Health Fellowship Endowment

David Pleasure Visiting Professorship Endowed Fund

Joseph Polisi Jr. Endowed Fund

William P. Potsic Mentor Endowed Fund

William Pottash Fellow Teacher of the Year Award

Leanne Preston Fund for Study & Research of Sleep Disorders

Shota Miles Ramer Endowed Fund in AML Research

C. Irene Rapaport Endowed Fund for Nephrology Research

Thomas Garret Rauch Memorial Fund

Freda M. Ritter Award

Roberts Collaborative for Genetics and Individualized Medicine Endowed Fund

Gladys Alcorn Rogers Endowed Chaplaincy Fund

Rubenstein Family Endowment

Joey and Matthew Ryder Endowed Fund

Nisha Sajja Memorial Endowed Fund

Adele R. Schiro Fellowship

Louise Schnaufer Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery

M. William Schwartz, MD, Endowed Lectureship

Scott Endowed Infectious Disease Research & Lectureship Fund

Alex Scott Endowed Fund for Pediatric Cancer Research

Dr. John Porter Scott Lectureship

Andrew Scudder Memorial Fund

Florence Scudder Memorial Fund

Gerald B. Shreiber Pet Therapy Endowment Fund

Gertrude and Herman Silver Endowed Fund

Snider Family Endowed Fund for Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain, in Honor of Laurel Escoll

Elizabeth A. Sprague Endowed Lectureship

Elizabeth K. Steven Patient Safety Fund

Joseph Stokes Endowed Lecture Fund

Jacqueline E. Swartz Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Pulmonology, in Honor of Elizabeth and Julia

Sarah Sweeney Endowed Fund in Neonatology

Templeton Endowed Fund for the Trauma Center

Jennifer Terker Endowed Research Fund in Cardiology

Samuel H. Tucker Neurology Residents Library Fund

Louis Vastardis Neurosurgical Research Fund

Amy Vermeil Biochemical Genetics Research Fund

Seymour Warshaw Distinguished First-year Resident Award

Wawa Volunteer Program Endowed Fund

Mark Lawrence Waxman Fund

Julia M. Wehr Endowed Fund

Robert E. and Katherine E. Weibel Endowed Fund for Research In Infectious Diseases

Jeffrey Weinberg Pediatric Oncology Research Fund

Alexander Bowman Wheeler Endowed Fund for Neurosurgical Research

Carol Ann Wilson Endowed Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology

Karen and Steve Wolfson Endowed Fund for Fertility Preservation

Irving Wolman Endowed Lectureship Fund

Women’s Committee Endowed Fund

Josephine and David Wood Allergy Endowed Fund

Wottrich Endowed Family Support Fund

William H. Wurster Asthma Endowment

Christine Yerkes Social Work Emergency Relief Fund for the Cardiac Center

Zarembski Family Endowed Fund for Jewish Spiritual Care

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