Nursing, Respiratory and Neurodiagnostic Services Mission, Vision and Values

The Department of Nursing & Clinical Care Services at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is committed to highly reliable, safe patient care and to achieve excellent value-based outcomes for patients and families. The care we provide is family centered and our partnerships with patients and their families are paramount to our practice. Our vision is to be a global leader of innovative care consistent with CHOP’s mission. This care is provided by highly engaged and inspired CHOP nurses, respiratory therapists, neurodiagnostic and other health professionals. We lead at all levels. We are early adopters of science and technology that enhances patient care outcomes. We value care provided with integrity, teamwork, compassion, accountability and professionalism.


Nursing, respiratory and neurodiagnostic services mission, vision and values

Female: As members of the nursing, respiratory and neurodiagnostic services team at CHOP, our mission is clear; we are committed to delivering safe patient and family center care in a highly reliable manner. This exceptional care allows us to provide excellent value-based outcomes for our patients and their families. Our clinical curiosity, evidence based practices and research create a strong foundation for innovative care delivery. Importantly, creating strong partnerships with patients, their families and our colleagues here at CHOP and around the world is paramount to our success and to the success of the overall CHOP mission.

Male: We are engaged, driven

Female: And compassionate CHOP nurses

Female: Respiratory therapists, neurodiagnostic health professionals

Female: Who lead at all levels.

Female: The current healthcare environment requires nimble and thoughtful leadership. Our ability to adapt to the changing cultural, financial and political landscape requires a strong foundation. This foundation grounds our mission, points us toward our vision, and keeps us focused on the core values we developed in 2015. The common thread is each of you. Every level, every voice, every location demonstrates these values in action every day.

Female: Integrity: exhibit strong moral principles when interacting with others from all backgrounds. Treat patients, families, the community and ourselves with honesty, fairness and respect.

Female: Teamwork: collaborate and communicate clearly with all colleagues and families to provide safe, efficient care and achieve exemplary patient outcomes.

Female: Compassion: support our culture of sensitivity, caring, dignity, and respect for our diverse population of patients, families, colleagues, and community.

Male: Accountability: deliver the best care to our patients, families and members of the community. Accept responsibility for our own actions regardless of outcomes and hold our colleagues to the same standard.

Male: Professionalism: serve as fully engaged advocates for patients, families, peers and the profession.

Female: To carry out our mission, vision and values, we have an annual strategic plan. This plan outlines how we will accomplish our goals and objectives through clear and measurable action plans. Each and every one of you help to build the plan and ultimately achieve our goals.

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