Performing an ECG on a Teenage Boy

Youth Heart Watch demonstrates how to perform an electrocardiogram on a teenage boy and correct lead placement.


Performing an ECG on a Teenage Boy

Technician: How are you?

Patient: Good. How are good?

Technician: Good. You look tired.

Patient: Yeah. Just got back from my soccer game.

Technician: Wow. Why don't you have a seat? I'll give you some water. My name is Jennifer. I'm gonna be doing an electrocardiogram, which is also called an EKG. I just need you to lie down for me and you're gonna take off your shirt. And we're gonna put these EKG stickers on your chest, on your wrist, and on your ankles.

Okay? Go ahead and lay down for me.

You're gonna take off your shirt.

Scoot down a little bit. Okay. And I need you to turn your hands. So now I'm going to get you ready for your EKG. I'm just gonna clean off your skin a little bit, okay?

I'm gonna put it on your right wrist.

Also going to put it on your left wrist.

I'm gonna be putting one on your right leg.

That's your left leg. And now I'm gonna put several across your chest.

Lift your arm up for me.

Now I'm going to connect the wires to the EKG sensors. I'm gonna put your right arm on.

Now I'm going to put your right leg on.

Now I'm doing your left arm.

And your left leg.

So now I'm going to record your ECG.

So now I'm going to take your EKG to the physician and she's going to give you your results, and I'm also gonna be taking off your clips.

Okay, you can go ahead and sit up.

You wanna take your stickers off?

You can go ahead and put your shirt back on.

Patient: Thank you.

Technician: You're welcome. Thank you.

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