Performing an ECG on a Teenage Girl

Youth Heart Watch demonstrates how to perform an electrocardiogram on a teenage girl and correct lead placement when a patient is wearing an athletic or other bra.


Performing an ECG on a Teenage Girl

Technician: Good afternoon. How are you?

Patient: I'm good. How are you?

Technician: Could you verify your name for me?

Patient: It's Shawn.

Technician: Good to meet you. My name's Denise and I'm going to do your EKG today. Have you ever had an electrocardiogram? It takes a recording of your heartbeat. Okay. And do you have any questions for me?

Patient: Does it hurt?

Technician: It does not hurt.

So we put stickers on your chest and then we hook the electrodes, which are the stickers, to the wires. These are the electrodes. And I just need to prep your skin first with a little bit of alcohol, okay? And then we put the stickers on. Comfortable with that?

Okay. Wonderful. Can you lie down here for me? Awesome.

Okay. Do you have a cell phone in your pocket?

Patient: Yeah, I do.

Technician: Can I ask that you -- I'll put it over here for you. Okay, wonderful. We won't forget it, okay? This is a little alcohol, we're gonna prep your skin with it, okay?.

And just relax your arms down by your side.

I'm just gonna ask you to take this, there we go. You know, big help. Just a little bit more.

I'm gonna go down here to your ankles. Same thing. Okay. Strap stickers.

One on each leg, okay?

What I'm gonna do here, this is your collarbone.

And I'm just feeling your ribs to make sure I get the right spot, okay?

First rib, good. Second rib, fourth rib. Okay. Sticker's gonna start right about here. Okay?

Now with the rest of them, I'm gonna have you lift up from the bottom, okay?

We're ready to hook you up.

This is the right arm.

And this is for your left.

Relax your arms down by your side.

And this is your right leg.


Okay, all your leads are hooked up now. Now we're gonna run your electrocardiogram. Once again, nothing hurts. Okay?

You won't feel a thing. Okay, so your ECG is all completed. Now we're gonna show it to your physician. We're all done, and I'll unhook your leads, alright?

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