Performing an ECG on a Younger Boy

Youth Heart Watch demonstrates how to perform an electrocardiogram on a younger boy and correct lead placement.


Performing an ECG on a Younger Boy

Technician: Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm going to be doing your electrocardiogram, also called EKG or ECG. I'm gonna place these EKG sensors on your wrists, on your legs and across your chest. Is that okay?

Patient: Yes. And does it hurt?

Technician: It doesn't hurt at all.

Patient: Okay.

Technician: Can you please do me a favor and take your shirt off for me?

Patient: Yes.

Technician: Thank you. And do you have anything in your pockets, any cell phones, any keys? Thank you very much. Okay, go ahead and lie down for me. You are gonna put your arms at your sides. So before I put your EKG stickers on, I'm gonna clean your skin off with just a little bit of alcohol.

Just where all of your stickers are gonna go.

I'm going to be putting your EKG stickers on now, okay?


I'm gonna do you right arm. And I'm going to do your left arm. And now I'm going to do your right leg and I'll lift up your pant leg and now I'm going to be doing now your left leg.

Okay? Now I'm gonna start putting the EKG stickers on your chest.

Thank you. You can put your arm down.

Okay, and that's the placement of all your stickers, okay? So now I'm going to connect the wires to your EKG stickers, okay?

Stretch them across, and I'm going to connect your right arm and your right leg, making sure that your right arm is your right arm, and your right leg is your right leg.

And now I'm going to do your left arm and your left leg. Making sure your left is your left. There we go. That your left leg is your left leg. And now I'm gonna put them on your chest.

Lift up your arm for me. You can put your arm down.

Okay, they're all on. I just need you to lie nice and still. Okay, we're ready to do your EKG.

Your EKG is now printing.

So here's your EKG. We're all finished and I'm gonna go show this to your doctor and you'll just wait for the results.

Patient: Okay.

Technician: Okay. And now I'm gonna take off your, the wires. Okay.

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