Race Day with the Kids: 2015 Parkway Run and Walk

The 2015 Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk raised more than $1 million for pediatric cancer research and survivorship programs at CHOP. With your support, we’re truly making a difference in the lives of children with cancer.


Race Day with the Kids: 2015 Parkway Run and Walk 

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: Hey bud, you ready for your big race day?

Conall Harvey, Patient: Yeah.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: Yeah. You super excited?

Conall Harvey, Patient: Yeah.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: You still half asleep? Well you were up earlier. I’m glad you went back to sleep bud.

Christin Harvey, Conall’s Mother: So in March, March 15th, it was, you know, any childhood illness. And as the night progressed, things just went very quickly downhill from there.

Tom McKernan, Mary’s Father: Mary was waking up, feeling sick to her stomach. And we continued to follow up with our pediatrician who suggested we get an MRI. And that’s when we found out that she had a brain tumor.

Tricia McKernan, Mary’s Mother: She had a seven-hour surgery on her brain. And then we began meeting with doctors at CHOP to ensure that her cancer would never come back.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: So Conall has … was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. And we started treatment right away. The septic shock has caused most of the complications we’ve had. And we had to amputate Conall’s both legs below the knees and then the fingers on his right hand.

Tom McKernan, Mary’s Father: When anybody says Mary’s name to me the first thing I think of is that she’s my little girl. And how unique our journey has been to date.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: You know, he’s just been a happy, you know, go lucky, 5-year-old child.

Tricia McKernan, Mary’s Mother: Every little thing is just so much more special. A moment she shares with her little brother, her little sister, just means so much. The kids really love to come out to support Mary. She asked everyone, even the boys, to wear tutus.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: Our community, our school, our church, everyone’s been fantastic from, you know, bringing meals to the house, taking care of our kids. This is just one more example of supporting CHOP and their research efforts. It’s going to be a great crowd and honestly we’re pretty excited about it.

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: So Conall, do you know how many people are going to be down there today? There’s going to be over 10,000 people down there. And your team’s going to be like 250.

Conall Harvey, Patient: We’re here?

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: We’re here bud. Look at all the cars over there.

Conall Harvey, Patient: We’re here!

John Harvey, Conall’s Father: We’re here. All right.

Male Announcer: Good morning, good morning, good morning.

Female Announcer: Welcome everybody to the annual Four Seasons, CHOP Parkway Run/Walk for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. How are you feeling this morning?

Tom McKernan, Mary’s Father: When you see this many people that are effected and they come out to support this many children who are effected, it’s wonderful. And you do feel like we’re getting that much closer to a cure.

Yolanda Banks, Ayana’s Mother: Ayana has been fighting neuroblastoma for 17 months.

Reginald Banks, Ayana’s Father: She goes through a lot, but she’s the most resilient person I know. And she’s truly our hero. And she’s guiding, guiding our family, and entire community.

Stephanie Strotbeck: We have been doing the Parkway Run for 11 years now. I have seen this run grow tremendously.

Yolanda Banks, Ayana’s Mother: This actually puts a face on childhood cancer. That this can happen to anyone at any time. And the purpose is just childhood awareness. And giving more money to research. We are losing kids every day to this horrible disease.

Christin Harvey, Conall’s Mother: It’s extremely important because someone raised that money before so Conall can be cured. So it’s helpful that we raise the money and some day someone else will be cured.

Reginald Banks, Ayana’s Father: I’m tearing up because CHOP is one of the greatest hospitals for pediatric anything. But the team there is just extraordinary.

Sami, CHOP Alumni Ambassador: They mean so much to me, they’re like my second family, my second home. And just seeing all of them — they saved my life twice now and working on a third time. So they’re just, they just mean so much to me.

Christin Harvey, Conall’s Mother: As horrible as childhood cancer is, it’s a happy experience to be here. That there’s hope.

Yolanda Banks, Ayana’s Mother: That let’s not make this the end, let’s continue throughout the year and then come back again every year. Ayana will be a survivor by then, but we will still be running the race for all the other kids.

Stephanie Strotbeck: The amazing team of doctors and scientist at Children’s Hospital work every single day of their lives towards finding cures. And they’re not giving up and neither am I.

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