Using Carb Counting Apps and Websites

Learn about the many apps and websites you can use to make counting carbohydrates easier.


Carbohydrate Counting Apps and Websites

Carbohydrate counting can be easier by using apps and websites. For example, the CalorieKing app is free to download on your iPhone or tablet and, or you could bookmark it as on your android phone. Here’s how you use it.

Let’s use the food search to find the carb count for bananas. According to the website or app, you can see that it lists bananas raw. If you select this, it will display the nutrition facts for the banana. After weighing the banana, you can see that a typical portion of 5.25 ounces might be 34 grams of carbohydrate. This serving size includes the weight of the food as well, which is helpful to be more accurate with carb counting. If you look at a banana, you might think it’s small, but if you weight it, the size is exact and the carb count will be more exact as well.

The app and website will list all the nutrition facts for that particular serving size. Remember to focus on the serving size you plan to eat and the total carb grams listed for that serving size. The CalorieKing app is free.

Spark Recipes website and app

We all appreciate food made from scratch, but it can be difficult to carb count homemade foods. The website can help. This recipe not only has great recipe ideas and nutrition facts for them, but it also has a recipe calculator. Here’s how the recipe calculator works.

First, you want to click on the section called “add calculate recipe,” which is found on the home page. Next, take your homemade recipe and you can enter each individual ingredient under “enter my recipe.” For example, maybe you have a homemade banana bread, and you will enter each ingredient for that specific recipe. Once you’ve entered all of the ingredients and amounts, then you want to go over and enter the number of servings that you plan to make under the “calculate nutrition information.” Finally, you can share your recipe or save it in your recipe box on the website. It’s that simple.

The Figwee App

The Figwee App helps you carb count foods visually instead of measuring out the portion. When you’re eating out or at a party, you can use this app to help carb count foods by seeing the portion size you plan to eat. For example, if you search the apples slices, you can see that the first picture shows a portion of around 5.6 ounces, which equals 22 grams of carbohydrate. But, what does 5.6 ounces look like? Is this the portion you want to eat? By just increasing or decreasing the arrow on the side of the picture, you can see how the portion size changes as well. You can see in this picture, we’ve increased the apple slices. Is this the portion you want to eat? By increasing the portion size, you can see that the carb count increases as well.

This app has many food lists and takes the guesswork out of carb counting. The Figwee costs $1.99.I It is available only for the iPhone.

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