Zion on People Icons: Heroes and Survivors

Zion Harvey received a bilateral hand transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the first child ever to undergo the operation. On Tuesday, March 14th, at 10:00pm ET, Zion will be featured in a new show on ABC - People Icons: Heroes and Survivors, a joint endeavor between ABC TV and People Magazine.

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Zion, the World's First Child to Receive a Bilateral Hand Transplant

World’s First Bilateral Hand Transplant on a Child

An 8-year-old boy holds a mini football in the palm of his hand, gently squeezing it between thumb and fingers, dreaming of the day he can get out on the field and throw a pass. There’s nothing unusual about this scenario, except for one thing: a few weeks ago, this child had no hands.

Zion Harvey

This Is Zion: One Year Later

Watch this inspiring one-year update on Zion Harvey, the recipient of the first bilateral hand transplant in a child.

Zion with Mom Pattie

Zion Harvey in the News

Local, national and international media outlets were once again inspired by Zion and his medical team. Check out the sampling of coverage that features Zion and his amazing story.