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Fibromatosis and Desmoid Tumors

What are fibromatosis and Desmoid tumors?

Fibromatosis, including Desmoid tumors, is a group of benign (noncancerous) soft tissue tumors. Most common are Desmoid tumors, a defined, firm, rubbery mass, much like scar tissue. The tumors usually occur in young adults, either in the arms and legs or the trunk. Sometimes they appear in the abdomen or thorax (rib cage) as well.

How we can help

Although Desmoid tumors are noncancerous, they can be difficult to remove because they intertwine with the tissues and organs around them. It is not always possible for surgeons to locate the boundaries of the tumor when they are removing it. This makes the rate of tumor recurrence as high as 70 percent. However, surgical removal of the tumors remains the optimal therapy.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are sometimes utilized for the treatment of these tumors. Sometimes both surgery and radiation are used. When chemotherapy is used, the drugs are given in low doses. There are few short-term side effects and almost no long-term side effects.

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