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Lipid Heart Clinic at the Cardiac Center

The Cardiac Center's Lipid Heart Clinic evaluates and treats children and adolescents who have high levels of lipids (fats) in their blood. Elevated lipids, particularly cholesterol, put young people at risk for heart disease later in life.

We support families to make healthy lifestyle changes for themselves and their children, give customized dietary recommendations, and in some cases, prescribe medication to reduce a child's risk for the early onset of heart disease.

Our Lipid Heart Clinic includes physicians, nurse practitioners and registered dietitians from the divisions of cardiology, endocrinology and gastroenterology. We work as a team to develop a personalized care plan for each child. We treat young people through 17 years of age.

Your first visit to the Lipid Heart Clinic

During your initial visit to the Lipid Heart Clinic, you can expect to:

Please complete and bring the patient questionnaire, the three-day diet history (download the forms above), and your child's cholesterol tests (or have your pediatrician fax them to us at 215-590-4978). If available, please bring cholesterol test results from your child’s biological parents and siblings who are older than 2 years of age.

The Lipid Heart Clinic team

Director, Lipid Heart Clinic

Attending physicians

Registered dietitian

Research coordinator

Administrative coordinator


Contact us

Please contact us at 215-590-4040 to make an appointment. If you are a referring physician, our Referring Physician form will help you determine if a referral is right for your patient.

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