Emergency Transport Program

CHOP Helipad Contact Information

34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399

General Information

Radio contact information

Prior to approach or departure, contact CHOP Transport for clearance.


Multiple cranes in the construction site due south of the helipad.

Closest crane is approximately 100 -150 feet South and East of the helipad. Exact position varies based on current construction. Lock down position is away from the flight path from the south. Use caution on approach and departure from the south and east. Crane needs to be in neutral position (boom east to west) prior to arrival or departure.

Take off and landing clearance requests

Contact CHOP Transport for clearance to land and take off. East, South and South West approaches are open for approach and departure.


Activated by pilot with 3 clicks on 129.725 MHz

Activated by pilot with 5 clicks on 129.725 MHz

Providing Notice of ETA

Helicopter Communications Centers are requested to contact CHOP Transport at 215-590-2160 with earliest available ETA. Ten minutes are needed to get cranes and employees into safe positions prior to landing.

Other contact information


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