Neonatal Airway Program

Devoted to Care of Complex Airway Issues

The Neonatal Airway Program at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is a new entity under the Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders. babyIt is devoted solely to evaluation, treatment and follow-up care of all inpatient neonates and infants with complex airway issues.

Housed within Children's Hospital's Harriet and Ronald Lassin Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit (N/IICU), our program offers these infants seamless care, employing the newest and most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. The program also provides extensive on-site counseling and pre-tracheostomy education to parents and caregivers by airway clinicians who are directly involved with each referral.

Our coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to specialized evaluation and management of these life-threatening conditions allows clinicians to communicate and work together easily so we can provide the most comprehensive, customized care for each child.

Multidisciplinary team

The multidisciplinary team at CHOP's Neonatal Airway Program has extensive experience treating infants with airway disorders. Our team focuses on providing expert medical care for each patient, as well as emotional support for the entire family. 

As part of a multidisciplinary practice, patients are evaluated for swallowing function by a team of specialized speech therapists that focuses on swallowing and voice disorders.

Our specialized team includes:

Collaboration with experts

Our program collaborates with other specialists and centers throughout CHOP to ensure infants receive the focused care they need. Patients benefit from around-the-clock access to experts in every pediatric subspecialty.

Our partners include:

Contact us

To schedule an appointment or referral, please call the Neonatal Airway Program at 215-590-2616 or contact us online. 


Reviewed by: Neonatal Airway Program team
Date: May 2013

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