Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Internship at CHOP

The Occupational Therapy Department at CHOP offers an exciting and challenging internship for prospective Level I and Level II interns. We support AOTA's effort in preparing interns for a successful and rewarding career in working with children and adolescents, of varying diagnostic profiles and cultural backgrounds, to reach their fullest functional potential. Please note that only students who are currently attending an Occupational Therapy (OT) program through a university that is contracted with CHOP may be considered for an internship. For those that are interested in pursuing a career in OT we recommend that you contact a university with an accredited OT program.

Weekly Objectives


AOTA Data Form and Supplemental Information

For additional information and internship reservations please contact:

Fieldwork Level II- only for those students who are currently enrolled in an accredited OT university program and who have completed their first level II in an acute medically based setting
Heather Ruthrauff, MS, OTR/L, at 215-590-2434 or ruthrauff@email.chop.edu.

Fieldwork Level I - only for those students who are currently enrolled in an accredited Occupational Therapy University Program
Erin Smith, OTR/L, at 215-590-7467 or nolane@email.chop.edu.

One day observation in the Occupational Therapy Department - only those who are over 18 years of age
Stacy Cusack, MOTR/L, at 856-435-6073 or cusacks@email.chop.edu.

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