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The solid tumor treatment group provides outstanding care for children with cancer by combining the expertise of specialists in related disciplines with an intensely collaborative treatment approach. It's one of the few pediatric cancer programs in the country with a team dedicated to solid tumors. Families benefit from having experts for every type of solid tumor developing a treatment plan that is specific to each child.

Our specialists include:

Our practice approach

A core group of six attending pediatric oncologists teams with fellows and oncology nurse practitioners to treat children with solid tumors (including newly diagnosed neuroblastoma).

The core group develops comprehensive treatment plans and is supported by an additional four attending oncologists who join them in treating patients with solid tumors on the inpatient service.

Patients who receive solid tumor treatment at CHOP typically see members of the core group each time so they can build a relationship with their caregivers and their caregivers can get to know them well.

In addition to the individual attention patients receive from their primary oncologists, they benefit from the collective expertise of the entire solid tumor treatment group. The full treatment group remains actively involved in the oversight of every patient's care, discussing patients' needs and treatment on a regular basis:

Surgical oncology options for solid tumors

Surgery often plays a critical role in your child’s overall cancer treatment. At CHOP our pediatric surgical oncology team consists of experts with extensive experience in various types of cancers, including neuroblastoma, brain and bone tumors, as well as other rare and hard-to-treat cancers. Learn more about the unique partnership between oncologists and surgeons at CHOP in the video below.

This video explores the full experience of bringing a child with cancer to CHOP for his surgery. During this difficult time, CHOP's surgical oncology team is here to provide second opinons on your chlid's cancer treatment options, help your family make decisions about your child's care, and work closely with referring physicians before, during and after surgery. Navigate through the video chapters by scrolling the list of titles.



Our research

Areas of research focus for the solid tumor  treatment group include:

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Meet Our Team

Solid tumor physician team

Oncologists who treat patients with solid tumors while in the hospital

Surgical oncology - ENT

Surgical oncology - General

Surgical oncology - Liver

Surgical oncology - Neurosurgery

Surgical oncology - Oral-maxillofacial

Surgical oncology - Urological

 Insurance specialist

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