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Current Orthopedic Clinical Research 

Doctor examines patients arm
Jason L. Katz, PA-C, MHS, ATC-R, examines a patient after a bone cyst was removed on her arm.

Clinicians in CHOP’s Division of Orthopedic Surgery are actively involved in nearly 100 current research projects and clinical trials.

Our clinicians collaborate with researchers at CHOP's Research Institute, The Center for Applied Genomics at CHOP, and multiple other hospital and institutions across the country. The Center for Applied Genomics is one of the world's largest genetics research programs and the only center at a pediatric hospital to have large-scale access to state-of-the-art throughput genotyping technology.

Our clinical research focuses on evaluating operative and non-operative treatment in orthopedic medicine including spine deformities, bone tumors, trauma, sports medicine and a full range of orthopedic abnormalities from head to toe.

With research we hope to gain a better understanding of what causes specific orthopedic conditions and how best to treat each.

Our current areas of research in orthopedic-related topics include:

Research on spine disorders

Early-onset scoliosis, thoracic insufficiency syndrome and VEPTR research

Research on musculoskeletal tumors and growths

Research on hip disorders

Foot, knee and leg disorder research

Research on hand and arm disorders

Safety and infection control research

Research on other orthopedic topics

More research information

Learn more about CHOP's orthopedic research by viewing our biomedical research and recent publications.

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To learn more about clinical studies or to make an appointment, call the Division of Orthopedic Surgery at 215-590-1527 or contact us online.

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Date: September 2013

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From Bench to Bedside

Discoveries in the laboratory are being brought to the bedside sooner because of the collaboration between CHOP's biomedical and clinical research teams. Learn more about our biomedical orthopedic research.