Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Research

Researcher in lab
From the lab to the bedside, physicians and researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are investigating new ways to help children with orthopedic conditions.

The physicians and scientists in the Division of Orthopedic Surgery at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are internationally recognized leaders in pediatric orthopedic research and musculoskeletal research.

Our researchers combine biomedical research in the laboratory with clinical research at the bedside to uncover the mechanisms of disease, envision new treatments, and ultimately create novel therapies that combine surgical and biologic tools.

CHOP’s Division of Orthopedic Surgery works hand-in-hand with CHOP’s Research Institute to accelerate research progress and therapeutic discoveries from bench to bedside to benefit children worldwide.

Biomedical research

Cell Staining
Determining the structure and function of tissue culture cells can be aided by fixing and staining them with fluorescent phalloidin (F-actin), Dapi (DNA) and an antibody.

The goal of biomedical research is to convert basic scientific knowledge into novel therapies to treat diseases, enhance recovery, and restore well-being and function for individuals.

Our researchers use basic skeletal and biological information to identify the causes of musculoskeletal diseases, clarify the mechanisms of disease and tissue injury progression, create experimental models of disease and tissue injury, and test novel treatments.

Our biomedical orthopedic research focuses on:

Learn more about our biomedical orthopedic research.

Clinical research

Clinicians in CHOP’s Division of Orthopedic Surgery are actively involved in nearly 100 current research projects and clinical trials.

Our clinical research focuses on evaluating operative and non-operative treatment in orthopedic medicine including spine deformities, bone and cartilage tumors, trauma, sports medicine and a full range of orthopedic abnormalities from head to toe.

Learn more about our clinical orthopedic research.

More information

For more information about our clinical research, call 215-590-1527 or contact us online. To learn more about our biomedical research, contact the Research Institute at 215-590-3800. 

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 Maurizio Pacifici, PhD
Date: September 2013

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