Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Referral Guidelines

The staff in the Division of Orthopedic Surgery at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is here to assist you in providing the best care for your patients.

To discuss a potential referral, schedule a comprehensive evaluation or seek a second opinion, please call 215-590-1527 or contact us online. Our orthopedic specialists are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Information we need 

About the referring physician/healthcare provider

About the patient and family

We recognize this can be a stressful time for families facing an uncertain diagnosis and prognosis. We strive to schedule all patients as quickly as possible. If you feel a patient needs to be seen more urgently, please let us know and we will work with you.

What happens next

We contact the patient's family

Our orthopedic coordinator will contact the patient to gather additional details such as:

Scheduling an appointment

The patient’s initial visit will be scheduled with an appropriate orthopedic physician at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The patient will be seen at the Main Hospital or one of our CHOP Specialty Care Center locations, depending on clinical needs and family preferences. 

See our service locations for details about which orthopedic physicians and specialty programs are available at each site. 

Helpful information to share with patients

To help families better understand why you’ve referred them to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and how our orthopedic specialists can help them, consider directing them to our online resources.

These pages were written specifically for families considering orthopedic treatment at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:

Feel free to print out selected resources to share with your patients.

After the patient’s visit

After your patient’s visit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one of our orthopedic specialists will contact you with the results of the patient’s examination, diagnostic tests and counseling session. In non-emergent cases, the consultation report will be faxed or mailed to you (please let us know your preference) within a week.

If your patient’s condition is more serious, a CHOP orthopedic specialist will contact you by phone or email within 48 hours to discuss next steps.

Insurance and financial matters

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is experienced in working with many insurance plans to facilitate care for families who seek our services. We are always happy to discuss individual situations and needs.

CHOP’s Financial Matters website can help families better understand their insurance and how to seek financial assistance.

Contact us

For more information, call 215-590-1527 or use our online contact form.

We look forward to working with you and your patients.

Reviewed by: John P. Dormans, MD
Date: October 2013

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