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Sports Nutrition

Why choose us

Our nutrition staff are specialty trained in sports nutrition and are leaders in the field. They offer complete nutritional support for younger athletes and access to all of the resources at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Some conditions we treat

Some services we provide

 Nutrition planning

Sports performance enhancement

Center-based services

Our staff provides personal consultation for the young athlete, placing developmental needs above all else. After an initial consultation, we will develop an individualized plan for your child, based on performance goals and contemporary concepts in sports nutrition. This will be your child's roadmap in preparing for optimal sports participation. Hydration and the proper fuel mixture are specified for each athlete.

Community-based services

Community outreach programs are available for sports teams, coaches and families. A nutritionist will travel to a specified location to provide educational programming that may include: team presentations and or workshops for athletes, coaches, fitness professionals and or parents.

Sports nutrition resources

Here is some basic sports nutrition information for young athletes, families and the professionals who support them.

Contact us — we can help!

For more information on the Sports Medicine and Performance Center, to set up a presentation or workshop, or to make an individual appointment with a sports specialist in nutrition please call 215-590-6919. You may also contact us online


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