Stuttering Program

About Stuttering

Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by disruptions in the forward flow of speech. These disruptions usually begin as repetitions of sounds, whole words or phrases.

Children who stutter may:

When stuttering begins

Stuttering usually begins between 2 and 5 years of age, when speech and language skills develop. As many as 5 percent of children will stutter for six months or more. Most of them will recover by late childhood.

How stuttering affects children

Children are sensitive to the ways in which they are different from others, so speech disruptions may make your child feel shy or embarassed or afraid to speak to others. In general, children who have more severe speech disruptions are more likely to feel speech-related frustrations, fears and anxieties.

When to begin treatment

Stuttering treatment is most successful when started before these negative speech-related attitudes develop. Therefore, early identification and intervention of stuttering are important for successful treatment.

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