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Preschool Stuttering Parent Manual

Parents who suspect that their preschool children might be stuttering can easily become overwhelmed and intimidated by the vast amount of information available. Parents also may become frustrated when they find inconsistent and even contradictory information. The Preschool Stuttering Parent Manual, a Web-based resource for parents, addresses your concerns.

In this manual, you'll find clear and concise information about stuttering and avenues to explore further information when you are ready. You'll also find a list of questions that parents routinely ask about stuttering.

The Preschool Stuttering Parent Manual was written by speech and language experts at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and other institutions, and was reviewed by a group of parents to ensure a parent-friendly tone.

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What to expect from a speech and language evaluation

For many families, the idea of their child being evaluated by a speech-language pathologist can trigger anxiety and fear. Joe Klein, from the College of St. Rose, suggests that these feelings often stem from a family not knowing what to expect. He attempts to ease such fear by walking parents through a typical evaluation process.

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How to talk to your child about stuttering and stuttering therapy

Kevin Eldridge, a speech-language pathologist in private practice, assists families by introducing practical strategies for talking with their children about stuttering and the evaluation.

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Insurance coverage for stuttering evaluations and therapy

Katrina Zeit, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, tackles the question of whether insurance providers will pay for stuttering evaluations and treatment. Zeit includes a list of questions for parents to ask when exploring insurance authorization for speech services.

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Where to find speech therapy for your child

Dale Williams, Florida Atlantic University, discusses various options for where parents can pursue speech treatment for their children.

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For more information

If you have further questions, please contact Joseph Donaher, PhD, CCC/SLP at

If you are interested in scheduling an evaluation, please call 215-590-7100 or 1-800 551-5480.

We hope you find this information helpful and wish you the best on your journey!

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