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Control of On-Site Activity by Vendors Policy

The Control of On-site Activity by Vendors Policy  is designed to outline the guidelines and operational procedures related to the control of on-site activity by CHOP vendors (product, service and supply vendors).

Summary of key policy provisions

Access to Hospital facilities and personnel

Appointments are required for all vendor representatives, except for:

  • Routine deliveries or pick-ups, including deliveries of office supplies or food products; pick-ups or deliveries by UPS, Federal Express, or courier services; and onsite consulting or construction work under a long-term engagement.
  • Visits for product or device recalls and emergency deliveries and services. See the Appointment Guidelines section for more details.

Authorized and unauthorized areas

  • To protect patient confidentiality and avoid disruptions in patient care, vendors are not permitted in patient care areas except where there is a clear educational or patient care benefit requiring a vendor to be present.

Use of Hospital facilities or resources

  • Vendors are not permitted to use Hospital resources to disseminate information to Hospital personnel or leave any type of printed or handwritten materials, advertisements or signs in patient care areas or public areas in any Hospital facilities. If you wish to leave materials that may be useful to our patients, please give them to the appropriate department which will decide whether to accept the materials.

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