Distraction Osteogenesis

Younger patients who have severely small jaws and/or facial bones may be candidates for distraction osteogenesis, a surgical technique that facilitates gradual bone elongation. This may be indicated for patients with the following conditions:

Your plastic surgeon will determine whether your child is a candidate for this procedure.

  • Orthodontic management of distraction osteogenesis

    If your child is a candidate for distraction osteogenesis, she will also be seen for an initial evaluation in our craniofacial orthodontic clinic. Orthodontic management during this surgical procedure ensures that the bone elongation is in the correct direction and that your child maintains a good bite during the process. At The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, our specialized craniofacial orthodontists will work closely with your child's plastic surgeon throughout the treatment period to ensure the best results for your child.

    Updated January 2014