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Small Wonder - Minimally Invasive Surgery Videos

In the following educational video from the Division of Pediatric General, Thoracic and Fetal Surgery, CHOP's minimally invasive surgery (MIS) team defines what is meant by "minimally invasive surgery" (it's much more than just little tiny incisions) and explains the benefits of MIS to pediatric patients.

The video introduces viewers to the Maysonet family, who talk about their daughter needing surgery, and offers a detailed description of how minimally invasive surgery is performed in the abdomen and the chest (with supporting footage), and what to expect after the operation. Staff describe what it's like for a family to learn that their child needs surgery, and how CHOP can now offer the option (and advantages) of minimally invasive procedures. 

Learn how CHOP put together its MIS program and team; how the team works together; how CHOP innovates by working with industry to develop new and better instruments for pediatric patients; and about the rapidly growing number of procedures being done using minimally invasive techniques.

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