MyCHOP: Your Secure, Online Health Connection

MyCHOP: Your Secure, Online Health Connection

MyCHOP is the online patient health portal for patients and families of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It's a convenient, family-centered tool that allows parents and patients to access portions of medical records online.

You can use MyCHOP to request appointments, prescription refills, or referrals; and to view and print current lists of medications, immunizations, allergies, physician-released test results, growth charts, account summaries and more.



Child: You're busy. Busy being a parent. The world's toughest job. That's why CHOP has a great tool to help you.

MyCHOP Secure Access to My Health Information through your phone, tablet or computer. Anytime, anywhere.

Need a refill for my inhaler? Done. How about requesting that appointment for an annual checkup? No problem.

Need to ask a doctor a question you forgot to ask at my appointment? Go right ahead. Or printing out that vaccination form for camp? Piece of cake.

There's even more you can do with MyCHOP. Request a referral to a specialist, review growth charts, read office visit summaries, check allergy records, get lab results, ask billing questions, confirm insurance information, sync appointments to your phone calendar.

Using MyCHOP frees up more time.

So you can focus on the fun stuff. Me! Ask my doctor about MYCHOP today.

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