Hilleman Film Screening Kit

As a school nurse, you are a valued source of information in your school and community. Additionally, you are likely to be well aware of concerns about vaccines and vaccine safety. Indeed, you have probably had conversations about these issues. HILLEMAN: A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children can help you change the conversation around vaccines. Sharing vaccine science, development and history through the story of Maurice Hilleman, the film reminds all of us how devastating these diseases were and the miracle that vaccines offered then — and now.

To support you, we have developed materials, including:

Hosting tools

Marketing Tools

Audience Tools

  • Share Your Experience — PowerPoint slide to show after event, encouraging viewers to share their experience on our social media channels and take a post-screening survey
  • Screening Resources — A handout to duplicate and share with audiences

If you have questions about these materials or would like to host a screening, please contact us online.