Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program

The Hypertension and Vascular Evaluation (HAVE) Program is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Division of Nephrology and the Cardiac Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Our team of doctors and nurses will evaluate children of all ages who have hypertension due to other significant medical conditions, such as renal insufficiency/failure, coarctation of the aorta and sickle cell disease. Our expertise in treating hypertension and vascular disease enables us to provide the very best care for your child. We also work closely with your child’s primary healthcare team to coordinate care and ensure the best outcome possible.

HAVE is a cutting-edge clinical outpatient program. The program is open to patients within Children's Hospital as well as those referred by outside physicians.

Evaluation and testing

In conjunction with a clinic visit with Nephrology and Cardiology, testing is tailored to the individual patient and can include the following:

  • Blood pressure monitoring: During clinic visits we will monitor your child's blood pressure.
  • Cardiac assessment: During a cardiac assessment we may perform an echocardiogram (a cardiac ultrasound or echo), an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), or an exercise stress test
  • Vascular assessment: Including pulse wave velocity/analysis in the aorta, carotid intima-media thickness, and brachial artery reactivity testing

HAVE does not take the place of the child’s primary healthcare team. Follow-up with the HAVE Program may be required and we always deliver care in close collaboration and communication with your child's primary team.